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Worst Blogger of the Decade!

That’s the award I have shamefully given myself. Worst blogger. Most inconsistent writer. Best procrastinator. All me! Because, to quote a Malay saying, “pejam celik pejam celik” (loosely translated to “blink, blink”), Time has gripped onto the cape of a PED-charged Superman flying at insane speeds, with me hanging on for dear life. And before I know it, it has been more than 3 (THREE!!!) years since my last blog post on here.

When did 3 years happen?!


My excuse for the long-term neglect of this blog – I’ve been underwater for the past 3 years, and you can’t update blogs from the depths of the ocean :p

I’m surprised my domain is still active even, haha (thank you Visa auto-renewal). See, I found myself with some spare hours today, and was was talking to a friend who said I should transfer something I had written in Facebook to my blog. “Oh my god my blog!” was my reaction, having realized that I’ve abandoned it for way too long. So I had the urge to log in to my account and check on the spider population that was for sure to have exploded amongst the cobwebs that have engulfed this site. “Your last update was on October 2013” says the Statistics page of my blog host. “Say wha~!” I responded, aghast. I can’t believe I’ve been so neglectful.

Such is life. My excuse would not be that I did not have enough time… no, I could have made the time if I wanted to. But over the past three years I guess I had gotten reliant on posting updates via the more ‘instantaneous’ social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, that I became lazy about committing a slightly longer amount of time to write blog posts. I try to tell myself that my blog entries do not have to be lengthy essays all the time, that I could update a very short post too once in a while, just to keep things going – like with my Instagram or Facebook posts. But I really do love to write, and feel like it’s a bit of a shortchange to be cutting down content for the sake of putting up more regular posts, if that makes sense. I view blogging as an avenue where I should present properly written stories, not just a quickie post about a fleeting moment in life. Things like that belong on platforms such as Twitter, right? 🙂

Well with all that said, I guess this is me trying to revive the blog and discipline myself to write more entries for it whenever I can. Although I don’t typically make New Year resolutions, since it is the final few days of the year now I guess it wouldn’t hurt to consider this a 2017 resolution. So here’s to me posting more blog entires!! *self high-five*

Soundtrack: Jacob Collier – Hideaway
Mood: Calm and contented 🤗
Location: Dili, Timor-Leste
Random thought: Rethinking my superpower wishes and dreams.

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