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The 7-Month Slumber

I am horrible!! After all that talk about not wanting to be half-assed with my blog-writing, I have managed to shamefully leave my blog untouched for 7 months – almost exactly to the day!!! WHAT IS THAT ABOUT?! *hangs head in shame*


*lifts up head and is engulfed in virtual cobwebs*

Oh dear. Where do I even begin? I guess, first: a humble apology to you readers (if there are any still out there… hello….?) for my lack of updates in over half a year. I have absolutely no excuse for it, and so will just leave it at that.

Second – I suppose I will try to pick up where I’d left off, and try not to go into unintended blog-hibernation mode again. Looks like these pages needs quite a bit of updating, too. A lot has changed in the last 7 months… a whole darned lot. But perhaps for now, a quick summary to cover my whereabouts thus far:

– I am no longer living in New Zealand. I left at the end of March and made my way home (for a number of reasons that popped up at the time)

– Upon returning home, I decided to start working with Turtle Bay Divers on Perhentian Islands again, as they opened up and began operations for the 2012 season. This has been where I’d pretty much ‘disappeared’ to, between April until October.

– Less than a week ago I finished work with Turtle Bay Divers, as we closed operations in preparation for the monsoon season that hits the Perhentians between November-February. I’m now temporarily unemployed again whilst I prepare for my next adventure.

– My next steps? Currently, I’m in Pulau Weh, Indonesia for a few days. Intention is to do some fun diving (away from work diving!), relax for a bit, and explore work opportunities whilst I’m here. Then, at the end of this month I’m off for another father-daughter adventure trip where we’ll be attempting the Everest Base Camp trek in Kathmandu, Nepal. And that’s as far as I have planned for now!

There you have it – my attempt at blog-revival. I’ll keep this post as it is for now, and aim to be back with more updates in the coming days. What I will NOT do is abandon the blog for months again! 😀

View of where I am right now – Gapang Beach, Pulau Weh. Lumba-Lumba Dive Center is nestled behind the trees by where the boats are.

Soundtrack: Mogwai – I Can’t Remember
Mood: Somewhat sheepish, somewhat disappointed at self
Location: Resort room, Lumba Lumba Dive Centre, Pulau Weh, Indonesia
Random thought: Taking it day by day

2 thoughts on “The 7-Month Slumber

  1. Hmm, it’s been 7 long months since I visited this blog too. 😉
    I have an excuse though…. the owner of the blog tak update! 😀

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