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Sitting still to catch up

I have finally forced myself to sit still, over a lengthened period of time, and commit to starting up my travel (with-bits-of-life-intertwined) blog.

Also this time around, I paid for the .com domain in an effort to make sure that I commit to this with the rationalization that since I spent money on it, I must not let it go to waste. I have to say though, my prior attempts at blogging aren’t too bad – I do get quite a lot of posts in initially. But over time these have a tendency to dwindle and the accounts left idle. Partly because there was nothing actually obliging me to put up posts because it wasn’t something I had invested in; partly because life has its hectic moments and yours truly is too busy actually living it as compared to writing about it;  and partly because after trying many times to catch up on writing after a brief lull, there’s just too much to try and recap and I just end up staring blankly at the computer screen.

Let’s see if this renewed attempt –brought upon by the many proddings of my friends who insist I should start publishing my travel stories– will prove different.

Soundtrack: The Wallflowers – We’re Already There
Mood: Determined
Location: Cousin’s bedroom, Auckland, New Zealand
Random thought: Have stayed up way too late for this, need to sleep.

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