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Poor Knights’ Sways and Wobbles

I have soooo many updates!! But in between work and other social plans I barely sit down long enough to write proper entries haha. Not a sign of a good blogger. Hopefully work over the weekend won’t get too busy, and if I don’t come home too tired to think I’ll definitely put some hours into my writing 😉

Latest travel news – I went on a week-long trip last week to go dive around the Poor Knights Islands. Took a group of customers from our dive shop on a chartered boat, on which we stayed for 5 nights. Spent 4 full days of unlimited diving around the islands, and “superb” doesn’t even begin to describe the trip for me!

Since coming back however, I’ve been feeling the “sea wobbles” when I sit or lie still for too long. The water didn’t get too choppy whilst we were out at sea, but it wasn’t the calmest either so there were some pretty significant sways felt whilst we were on the boat. Thankfully enough I did not get seasick whilst on the boat, but ever since coming back on solid land my body seems to still think that it’s on water! It’s sort of making me feel a tad woozy. Landsickness, that’s what I’ve got – somebody throw me back out into the ocean please haha.

Hundreds of pictures and videos to be sorted and uploaded, I’ll post the links up when I’ve completed sifting through them. In the mean time, here’s a couple to fill in the temporary gap in updates 😀

I’ve also put together a video compilation with some highlights from the trip. It, of course, doesn’t do justice to the actual experience of diving there, but I couldn’t even squeeze in all the pictures and videos I wanted ‘cuz I would then need more than one song to fill the soundtrack, and the video would turn into a full-length movie!

For now, I need to get back to work. Enjoy the vid!!

Soundtrack: Minus the Bear – When We Escape
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Location: Wellington City Library
Random thought: Dammit I forgot to thaw the chicken

2 thoughts on “Poor Knights’ Sways and Wobbles

    • They’re nudibranchs 😀 Also commonly called “sea slugs” hahaha. Unlike land slugs they’re beautiful – there are thousands of species and they come in many many bright and beautiful colours. I love spotting them ‘cuz they’re soooooo cute and pretty!!

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